5 Essential Resources for Nonprofit Leaders

While the world seems to have hit pause during the COVID-19 outbreak, this is actually the perfect opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills. Below are our favorite resources, from books to podcasts to magazines, that are sure to keep your mind sharp and your heart inspired. 

Even if you tackle just one of these books or tune in to a few short podcasts during quarantine, it will be a great investment in your professional growth that will deepen the impact of your organization in the long run. 

Take a look at one (or a few!) of these awesome resources — all of which are eye-opening and enjoyable!

1. Book & Podcast: Building a Storybrand

I had the privilege of attending a live Storybrand workshop last year, and it has truly revolutionized business. The Storybrand framework breaks down the complexities of marketing into a simple 7-step framework that reflects the storytelling techniques of blockbuster movies. If you’ve been struggling to clarify your message, this book will be a game changer!

2. Magazine: The Good Newspaper

Everyone needs good news, especially now more than ever, and this spunky monthly newspaper is the perfect mix of being informative, inspiring, and actionable. While I love the positive news in every article, I am even more impressed by the creative problem solving and inspiring tactics that so many nonprofit organizations are demonstrating around the world!

3. Book: Start with Why

Most nonprofit leaders know their mission, but they have not dug deeper to reach the “why” of their organization. Simon Sinek helps you break down the core motivation behind your organization and how that single idea should be the catalyst for everything in your brand.

4. Book: Know What You’re For

In our ever-changing world, people expect brands to be FOR something more than their own interests. Expanding on his experience working for Chick-fil-A and North Point Community Church, Jeff Henderson shares practical tips to know what you’re for both personally and professionally. A must-read for all nonprofit leaders!

5. Podcast: We Are For Good

This podcast celebrates the power of philanthropy and equipping nonprofit leaders with the tools they need to increase their impact. Jon and Becky interview nonprofit leaders around the world, and drop some serious wisdom and goodness in every episode. 

Are you familiar with any of these books and/or podcasts? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts! And if you have any other materials you would recommend, please let me know by leaving a note in the comments section below!