Children Striving Together Receives NIKE, Inc. Grant

During the past 20 months, NIKE, Inc.’s Black Community Commitment has invested a total of $6 million to support 82 unique community-based organizations across 12 cities, and another $10 million to support 10 national organizations geared toward innovative local solutions across the three BCC pillars of economic empowerment, social justice and education innovation.

What to know

  • This month, NIKE, Inc. is announcing new investments totaling $5 million to support 10 national organizations, including four new grantees: Son of a Saint, All Star Code and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America in the education innovation space, as well as the Equal Justice Initiative, focused on social justice reform.
  • NIKE, Inc. is also investing an additional $2.75 million to support 44 local organizations in seven U.S. cities where NIKE, Inc. employees live and work, including New York City; Los Angeles; Chicago; Boston; Portland, Ore.; St. Louis and Memphis.
  • In total, NIKE, Inc. is announcing $7.75 million in BCC investments across national and local grantees this fiscal year, which brings Nike’s total during the last 20 months to $16 million.