Practical Tips & Resources for Branding Your Nonprofit

Top tips for crafting a straightforward brand strategy, user-friendly graphic design, and the best website practices tailored for small, but impactful, nonprofits.

Adapt Storybrand strategies for nonprofits by creating values-centered marketing plans.

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Focus on your unique strengths and connect with supporters more effectively. Dive into the concepts of horizontal and vertical positioning
Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text and how to use icons effectively to connect with your audience. Avoid
Learn the differences between templates, graphic designers, studios, agencies, and what’s included at each price point and find the right
Demystifying SEO for nonprofits: What’s hype and what’s a must-do?
Struggling to convey your design ideas? Create effective style boards with our 3-step process. Discover tips for selecting keywords, organizing
Struggling with nonprofit photography? Learn when to use phone snaps and when to hire a pro for high-quality images. Discover
Choosing fonts in Canva is about more than compliance; it’s about inclusivity. Show off your brand personality with these 5
Is your local theater interested in updating its logo or website? Learn from one of our top rebranding success stories
Forget filters—capture the essence of summer’s warmth, autumn’s texture, winter’s drama, or spring’s lightness with these seasonal branding style tips.
Submarks are a great way to keep your nonprofit’s brand fresh while staying recognizable. Learn from Virgin Voyages’ cruise line
Before you gather stories for your website or year-end appeals, first download these 3 expert resources that feature all the
Get the list of 5 must-have Chrome extensions for nonprofit marketers! Curated by nonprofit website design expert Lauren Atherton.
Brand refresh and rebranding are two terms that get mixed up A LOT. Before you set aside funds, use this
Brand guidelines are a small nonprofit’s best ally, neatly bundling all your branding and marketing know-how into one accessible guide.
AI has opened the floodgates for design trends we’ll see in 2024. Three key elements have come together to create
Donors and supporters get to know your nonprofit based on how you present visually, and what you say online. They
If the idea of branding has you seeing dollar signs right now there are simple ways to invest in your
Fonts are a great way to strengthen your nonprofit’s visual brand, but with so many options it can feel overwhelming
HeartSpark Design’s collaboration with CoachArt has been honored at the 27th Annual Webby Awards, a testament to the power of
Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like a fantastic solution for nonprofits to save money on creative costs, but it
2023 is already signaling to be a banner year for many nonprofits – with more access to graphic design than
For-profit companies and startups have an obsession with perception that has led to the idea of branding as a luxury
Understanding the ins and outs of branding can be overwhelming and it can be even more difficult to know which
From founding days to middle age and succession – your nonprofit will go through many life stages and maybe even
An interview with HeartSpark founder Lauren Atherton about what it’s like to run an agency alongside her chronic illness and
We’ve all heard the old adage by Will Rogers, “You can’t get a second chance at a first impression,” but
Although almost all buildings in the United States have been made to be more accessible since the Americans with Disabilities
During the past 20 months, NIKE, Inc.’s Black Community Commitment has invested a total of $6 million to support 82
Your nonprofit’s name is the foundation of your organization’s brand. It spreads by word of mouth and social media. It’s
When it comes to your nonprofit brand, people want to be a part of movements with groups that represent a
The line is starting to blur between social impact and nonprofit sectors. People are supporting businesses that give back to
Raising money online can feel trickier than it actually is. Here are four ways to help you donors make giving
Whether last year ended on a high or low note, we can learn from these lessons and get ahead of
With the uptick of COVID-19 cases, this holiday season is going to be different than any we’ve ever experienced. While
Color is the “secret sauce” of your brand, and if you wield its power wisely it can help people connect
While the world seems to have hit pause during the COVID-19 outbreak, this is actually the perfect opportunity to sharpen
Social distancing. Businesses closed. Scarcity mentality. Quarantine may not be what you expected for this season, and donations may not
Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren Atherton. Lauren, can you briefly walk us through your story – how
Authenticity— it can’t be bought, it’s difficult to define, and it can be hard to measure. And yet it is
Having a clear and compelling mission statement lays the foundation for your brand, but it can be really difficult to
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