Two Pricing Options

We want you to have everything you need to plan for this project with your team and board. If there’s additional information that would be helpful, please reach out via email.

Best for Small Nonprofits
Brand & Website Refinement
Best for large nonprofits
Custom Brand & Website Development


Personality, Positioning & Growth Stage

Staff Questionnaire

Research Interviews & Audience Surveys

Competitive Analysis

Mission & Vision Statement



Unique Reason to Give (URG)



Core Values & Brand Attributes



Strategic Recommendations Call



Name & Tagline Exploration


Storytelling Basics

Comprehensive Messaging Toolkit




Secondary Logos & Submarks

Color Palette

Font Combinations



Art Directed Photoshoot*

Brand Guideline in Canva

One-Page Brand Snapshot

Comprehensive, Editable Document

Canva Brand Kit

Upload Logo, Fonts & Color Palette

+ Upload Brand Voice
+ Custom Icons
+ Editable Templates

Website Design & Development

Website Inventory

Sitemap with User Experience Mapping

Wireframes with Copywriting

5 pages

10 pages

Website Design Templates

Up to 5 page templates

Up to 10 page templates

Additional Styled Pages

Up to 15

Up to 40

Recommended CMS Platform

Squarespace or Wix

WordPress or Webflow

Custom Development & Integrations

Online Donation Tool
(Fundraise Up or GiveButter)


Configure & Connect

Quality Assurance


Training Session

One-hour recording

Two-hour recording

Connect Domain Settings

Launch Plan

Launch Plan Template

Custom Launch Plan
+ Announcement graphics
+ Messaging Swipe Copy
+ Social Media Captions

Post-Launch Support

2 weeks

4 weeks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-Page SEO (5 pages)

One-Hour Strategy & Keywords Training

*Price may vary if you require unique integrations, membership areas, or event registration capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. Our agreement will include a payment plan that feels comfortable for your budget and works with your payment processing system. The majority of our clients pay between $2,000-5,000 per month while they’re working with us.

At HeartSpark, we believe in being as transparent about pricing as possible. Your estimate includes the entire project cost, including any subcontractor costs, software we use to create and manage the project, as well as taxes. You’ll have one flat rate with a clear payment schedule. 

That being said, here are a few additional costs that are outside of our scope of work, but may be necessary to complete your project. We’ll talk through these costs before any costs are incurred, but it’s important to be aware of them for general website setup and maintenance: 

  • Focus Groups
  • Photography & Videography
  • Website Platform Subscription
  • Domain and SSL Certificate (Webflow and WordPress)
  • Online Donation Tools
  • WordPress Page Builder
  • Translation Software
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting board buy-in and approval for a brand and website redesign is essential – and can actually get your team excited about the process. Start by clearly outlining the necessity, linking it your organizational goals and review success stories from comparable nonprofits. Present a comprehensive plan, detailing the budget, resource allocation, and a roadmap for implementation. Involve key stakeholders early on, address potential risks, and emphasize the positive impact on donors, volunteers, and the community. Illustrate a well-considered approach that aligns with the organization’s strategic objectives.

We get it, things change or a new need may popup. If there’s an unexpected change to the project, Lauren will let you know of the need for a change order. She’ll then provide an estimate, email you a link to the detailed tasks and costs, then request your approval before any costs are incurred. After the change order is approved, we’ll split up payments over the subsequent invoices. 

There are hard costs to owning a website, such as domain registration, SSL certificate, and CMS subscription costs. We’ll make sure your website is running smoothly 2-4 weeks after launch (depending on your package), but we do not have any ongoing maintenance or support costs.

Branding and website design are often made to feel intimidating, and they shouldn’t be. We seize every opportunity to teach clients, so you’ll feel confident using your new brand and updating your website. Lauren’s goal is that you never feel dependent on your agency to make updates or locked out of your website, so we’ll train you and your team how to update and maintain the website over time. 

Of course Lauren is happy to answer any questions you have and can connect you with other vendors who offer maintenance plans. 

HeartSpark Design is 100% dedicated to serving nonprofits, so the pricing we share is the best rate we can give. However, you can save on budget by opting for reducing the amount of design options or number of revisions. 

We’re a small remote team that only takes on a handful of clients at a time, running very nimble on purpose. 

Of course! Check out our recent nonprofit branding and design work here.

HeartSpark stakes our claims with confidence and conviction, sharing research and case studies to back it all up. Having designed for major for-profit brands and many nonprofits, Lauren knows how to create brands that will work for years to come, and can explain in detail what great design entails—always with the goal to teach, never to judge.

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