Free Canva Template

Brand Guideline Template


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You will receive a copy of our Brand Guideline template so will need a Canva account to access the document. After you click “Use Template” it should show up in your Canva account. 

Absolutely! I’ve put together this short video to help walk you through the key places you can make changes and updates, but Canva is 100% non-designer friendly. We want to set you up for success and hope this template is easy to update and build upon as your nonprofit grows!

Definitely! Canva offers a wide variety of templates – including brand guidelines – so if you find a template you’d rather use go for it! However, most brand guideline templates are going to be tailored to businesses and companies so many not fit with your nonprofit. We created this freebie so that nonprofits have a simple place to start putting their creative standards in one place.