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How to Establish a Consistent Nonprofit Brand Without Being a Graphic Designer

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Hi! I'm Lauren Atherton

I help nonprofit marketers confidently build their organization’s brand with consistency and confidence. I spent 12 years in the creative industry – as an art director in an advertising agency, brand designer in-house at tech companies and even Fortune 200’s before setting out on my own to start HeartSpark Design – a branding agency dedicated to helping nonprofits build brag-worthy brands. 

My practical branding framework – The Matchbox Method – teaches nonprofit marketers how to build a strong brand from the inside out so that they can cut through the clutter and streamline their marketing efforts. Branding is not a luxury that only well-funded nonprofits can afford – we believe every nonprofit should be able to leverage the power of branding to get noticed and cultivate a community of raving fans.

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