Free Webinar for Nonprofit Marketers

How to nail your brand story without frustrating guesswork.

Branding should multiply your marketing efforts, not headaches.

Many nonprofit brands start with a name, logo, and mission statement, but the rest of the brand is built piece by piece over time. With so much ambiguity around the developed brand, it can be really tough to communicate your brand story or even know if it’s connecting with your supporters. Chances are you’ve been close to your nonprofit story for a while, developing a mismatched style along the way. You may even catch yourself saying, “It’s just easier for me to write this….design this….post this” – you fill in the blank! 

In this webinar, I’ll walk you through the 3 myths that may be keeping you from nailing your brand story, as well as introduce you to our practical branding framework that will help you set up and maintain the pillars of your brand. So you can stop micromanaging every piece of your marketing because "it's all in your head" and start communicating your brand with absolute confidence.

After 60 minutes in this webinar, you'll be able to:

Challenge the 3 biggest myths that may be making your nonprofit brand feel inconsistent and stale.

Access the FREE brand guideline template that helps HeartSpark clients gather and organize their design files.

Unlock The Matchbox Method™ to align your nonprofit brand in a way that's easy to understand and articulate.

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Hi! I'm Lauren Atherton

I help nonprofit marketers confidently build their organization’s brand with consistency and confidence. I spent 12 years in the creative industry – as an art director in an advertising agency, brand designer in-house at tech companies and even Fortune 200’s before setting out on my own to start HeartSpark Design – a branding agency dedicated to helping nonprofits build brag-worthy brands. 

My practical branding framework – The Matchbox Method – teaches nonprofit marketers how to build a strong brand from the inside out so that they can cut through the clutter and streamline their marketing efforts. Branding is not a luxury that only well-funded nonprofits can afford – we believe every nonprofit should be able to leverage the power of branding to get noticed and cultivate a community of raving fans.

Ready to nail your nonprofit's brand story?

Immediately after the giving season and holidays, we’re kicking off the new year with our next webinar going live in January 2023, followed by the launch of The Matchbox Method™ soon after (EEK!) We highly recommend the webinar as advanced preparation for this course. To be the first to know when both are available – and receive free tips and insights from HeartSpark in the meantime – leave your details below!