Brand & Website Assessment

How are your brand and website are really doing? By benchmarking how your nonprofit is currently doing we can point you in the right direction. Lauren will review your name and logo, messaging, website, and social media profiles, then share specific recommendations to strengthen your nonprofit’s brand identity. This assessment is great if you’re preparing an RFP or your team is in search of direction.

What does branding have to do with your mission?

Short answer: everything. 

Outdated logos, random colors and fonts, vague messaging, cobbled-together websites… when your brand is out of alignment, you always have more explaining to do – and every project feels like a scramble. Ad hoc branding is essential for many nonprofits in the early days because of limited time, resources, and trying to figure out if your programs work.

But as your nonprofit grows you’ll feel the strain of inconsistency, and it could keep you from seizing big opportunities.

The donor landscape is constantly evolving. Is your brand evolving with it?

Attracting and retaining donors is more different now than it has ever been before for nonprofits. There’s a higher expectation for your organization to run lean, be transparent and authentic, and compete for attention amidst a sea of bigger budgets and even for-profit companies. It can feel overwhelming. 

At HeartSpark we believe nonprofit organizations have to brand themselves differently. Building on a shared set of values and expressing those values clearly is how you stand out to supporters. It’s based on your core truth and solid strategy, not trends. 

Get a 360° review of your brand from the inside out.

Nonprofits are complex and require unique solutions. Every nonprofit we work with at HeartSpark starts with this assessment. It’s how we get to know your organization and target opportunities for growth. 

Lauren will start by reviewing all of the elements that make your nonprofit uniquely you – your mission and vision statements, core values, supporter profiles, and Unique Reason to Give (URG). Then review how those concepts are expressed through your brand identity (logo, messaging, graphics, images) and offer suggestions for ways to bring the two into alignment.

Your nonprofit’s website is the ultimate expression of your brand since it brings together your messaging, style, and has detailed user information. Lauren will review your site with your supporters in mind, dig into analytics to determine their journey, and recommend where there may be gaps in the user experience. We’ll also score how your brand is measuring up to similar nonprofits and identify opportunities for growth.

Featured Brand Diagnostics

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“An excellent plan for continually improving our website.”

I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you have done to help us bring our website along. There is definitely still lots of writing to do, but even as it currently sits, we have a website that we’re not ashamed of and an excellent plan for continually improving it.

– Dave Crosser, Community Relations Lead at Family Resource Center


How much will it cost?


How long will it take?

3-4 weeks


How the Brand & Website Diagnostic Works



Apply for a brand assessment. Lauren will contact you to confirm your start date and schedule a kickoff call.



Share access to your mission and vision statement, analytics, logo files, brand guideline, website editor, email marketing platform, and social media analytics.



Lauren will get to work analyzing your brand and website against best practices and benchmarks for similar organizations in your space and stage of growth.



Lauren will present her recommendations with a detailed document, as well as quick wins that your organization can implement sooner rather than later.

What’s it like working with Lauren?

“High-touch, intentional, thoughtful, engaged, creative, knowledgeable…these are great words to describe the owner of this great brand and her output. I’ve worked with Lauren for over 2 years and constantly recommend the business! Look no further.” – Hilani Ellis, Founder of Exceptional Admins

Lauren is a proud process nerd. She takes great care to set up projects that run smoothly and feel great for everyone involved. You will not need to keep HeartSpark on track – quite the opposite – and we’ll train you how to understand and lead your brand with confidence.

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Realign your nonprofit's brand and website with your mission.