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Frequently Asked Questions


Simply put, branding is an investment in how your organization is perceived. There are three common terms that are thrown around when people talk about branding, and it’s important to know the difference:

  • A brand is your organization’s relationship with the world. It’s how people perceive your nonprofit based on their experience with you. 
  • A visual identity consists of the signature characteristics that make your brand uniquely “you.” This includes your logo, tone, color palette, fonts, and style.
  • A logo is a graphic or mark that makes your nonprofit instantly recognizable. While a logo is important to your brand, it does not solely make or break the success of your organization. 
Brand and web design establish the foundation for your organization, so the best time to start is as soon as you have your mission established and organization’s name registered. If you have a clear focus and direction, then it is time to partner with a nonprofit branding agency or graphic design studio to create your brand!

Absolutely! To stand out in this noisy world, your brand has to be more than just “good enough.” We’ll take a hard look at all of your existing materials and decide what parts of your brand should stay the same for continuity, and which parts could use a refresh. View our comprehensive list of design services to see how we can help you build a strong brand.


Most visual identities can be built in as quickly as 6 weeks. With that said, we never rush you or your team. Before we kick off your project, we’ll establish a timeline that works for both you and us, so we are working at the most efficient pace possible.
Two weeks’ notice is ideal to start a new project, whether it’s visual identity or a design project. We want to ensure you receive the time and attention your project deserves.


Our rates are not flexible, but we are willing to work with most budgets. We work with nonprofits and foundations that have a variety of budgets. So if you’re on a tighter budget, we will reduce the amount of time by limiting the design options or amount of revisions. We can usually find a way to work within your budget!
We ask for 50% of the project payment up front, then 10% each month for the remainder of the project. The final 10% will be held until after the project is complete. We use the software Harvest to track time and send invoices that you can pay via credit card, PayPal, or check.


Yes, we do! We know leaders are now more hands-on than ever before, so at HeartSpark we create templates and tutorials so you know how to update every piece of your collateral and website as needed. We definitely want to “teach you to fish” so that you have all the knowledge you need to own your brand.
We have experience designing Squarespace, WordPress, and Shopify websites, but for nonprofit organizations, we primarily recommend Squarespace. Its user-friendly interface is beautiful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. If you’re looking for a more custom website experience, we recommend WordPress or Shopify.

Our brilliant creative and marketing team consists of 8 freelance professionals based throughout the United States. Each creative mind is strategically picked to match your design style and business goals.

We conduct most of our business online, and serve nonprofits across the United States extremely well. We’ve perfected the art of communicating digitally via phone, email, or video call so you don’t have to worry about leaving the safety of your home or office.

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The way your nonprofit looks matters.

If you aren’t proud of your branding enough to put it on a t-shirt or tell other people about it, we can help you look awesome and reopen stronger than ever! In a few weeks we can have your brand refreshed and ready to wow your community.