Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking

Since 2007, the National Human Trafficking Hotline has received reports of 34,700 cases of human trafficking in the United States. Colorado, ranking 17th in the nation has seen 629 cases with nearly 850 victims.

Covered is a nonprofit organization that provides survivors of human trafficking in Colorado the resources and skills they need to break the cycle of trafficking in their lives. Before working with HeartSpark, Covered had an inconsistent and scattered design style. The staff knew that in order to increase their influence and donations, they had to refocus their organization and develop a consistent brand that would reflect their bold mission.

After Covered went through extensive organizational changes, they looked to HeartSpark to develop their brand strategy, design a bold new look with an updated logo and web design, and create a compelling website and social media strategy. We also designed all new brochures, business cards, and merchandise so the devoted Covered tribe can continue to expand the brand’s reach.

In the words of the Covered founder, Johanna, “HeartSpark was a game changer for us.” The Covered staff and volunteers have found a renewed sense of pride in the organization, donors are investing in the mission, and their tribe is sharing more than ever. We believe this is just the beginning of countless lives Covered will continue to change as the influence of their organization grows.



Increase in Online Donations


Increase in Facebook Followers


Increase in Unique Website Visitors

Brand Attributes

Logo Design

This mark is inspired by the industriousness of the city and strength. The typeface for “Covered” is bold and minimal, but the lines provide stability and tone down the masculine nature of the typeface. The container is open to act as a frame, not completely surrounding the type. A solid frame around text can be interpreted as rigid and controlling, but an open frame feels more supportive and stable.


We used simple, elemental shapes to construct the brand icons and help reinforce the modern style of the Covered brand.

"We just finished working with HeartSpark for a rebranding of our nonprofit. Their professionalism and attention to detail made such a difference. The final product is unbelievable. Lauren is absolutely delightful to work with. It has been a game changer for us."
A movement that empowers women to come alive in their God-given purpose was able to amplify their influence and grow their following by rebranding their organization.

An exclusive gathering of like-minded executives, innovators, and disruptors were inspired to connect because of an excellent brand experience.