2020 Raise More Together Summit

2020 Raise More Together Virtual Summit I have yet to meet someone who thought, “When I grow up, I want to be a fundraiser!” It’s a big part of running a successful nonprofit, yet can be one of the most stressful parts of the job. Whether we like it or not – fundraising is a […]

5 Essential Resources for Nonprofit Leaders

While the world seems to have hit pause during the COVID-19 outbreak, this is actually the perfect opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills. Below are our favorite resources, from books to podcasts to magazines, that are sure to keep your mind sharp and your heart inspired. Take a look at one (or a few!) of these awesome resources — all of which are eye-opening and enjoyable!

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Nonprofit During a Time of Crisis

Social distancing. Businesses closed. Scarcity mentality. Quarantine may not be what you expected for this season, and donations may not be flowing as freely as they were in February, but there are still great opportunities available while we wait for the storm clouds to clear. In this post we share our top 10 tips to help nonprofits thrive during a time of crisis.

5 Tips for Building Brand Authenticity

Authenticity— it can’t be bought, it’s difficult to define, and it can be hard to measure. And yet it is essential to bolstering strength within a brand. In this post we share the five qualities of truly authentic brands. Together, these qualities combine to create undeniable brand authenticity. If you implement all five of these components, you’ll become a brand that people trust, prefer, and are proud to support.

The 5-Minute Mission Statement

Having a clear and compelling mission statement lays the foundation for your brand, but it can be really difficult to get right. Instead of wasting hours trying to come up with a lengthy statement no one will remember—or even finish reading—consider using this simple formula we’ve created to help break down your mission into its simplest and purest form.