Creative Challenge: Reimagine the "I Voted" Sticker

The “I Voted” sticker is a staple of elections and will soon be overrunning our Instagram feeds, but what if this little sticker looked a bit different? Several states have adopted new voting stickers, but let’s face it, they could still be a heck of a lot more fun to wear and share!

In case you haven’t received your ballot yet, this is what we’re working with:

Here’s a quick and simple exercise to get your creative muscles warmed up by using the “I Voted” sticker as a fun design challenge. This worksheet has 12 ovals, each sized to the universal “I Voted” sticker size of 1 x 1.75.” Here’s the challenge:

  1. Download and print the template. To keep the oval sizes intact, don’t scale or size to fit.

  2. Set a timer for 12 minutes, one minute per oval.

  3. Use each oval to sketch ideas for what the new “I Voted” sticker could look like!

This is simply an exercise to help jumpstart your creativity, so let the ideas flow! If you’re sharing on social media, use #iVotedSticker so we can see your favorite designs!

PSA: We’re less than 2 weeks away from Election Day, so it’s time to do your research and decide how you’ll cast your vote!


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