Finding YOUR Best Social Media Platforms

If you’re just setting up your organization, it can be difficult to decide where and how often to be active on social media. With so many platforms available, the more you post and share, the better, right?! 


A lot of organizations think they need to be on every platform all the time, but the reality is that this mentality is not sustainable or effective without a team exclusively dedicated to social media. It’s much better to be active on a few social media accounts than to be present on all platforms and let your accounts become stagnant.

Each social media platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, and what may work well for one organization may not work well for yours. Through years of experience managing social media accounts for both small and large businesses, we believe the strength of each social media strategy is found in focus and consistency.

Choose one social media platform on which you want to funnel the majority of your efforts. Then select only 1-2 supplementary platforms to help round out your social media strategy. Only after posting consistently to your primary account should you begin to move onto the second account, and then the third. In fact, it’s not necessary to roll out the strategy all at once—unless you have a robust and knowledgeable team to support your efforts.

Below is the primary purpose of each social media platform, so you can determine which ones are best for you!

  • Facebook focuses on building community and fostering relationships. If your organization centers around a strong tribe of followers, then you will want to invest your time and resources into a solid strategy for Facebook. 

  • Instagram is all about escapism and appreciating beauty. Every post on your page should be perfectly curated and visually appealing, illustrating the story of your brand.

  • Twitter is best used for sharing relevant news and hot topics. If your organization has a justice-centered or political mission, you can rock this platform by joining in the conversation.

  • LinkedIn focuses on business-to-business marketing and business leadership. If your goal is to connect with corporate donors and be seen as a thought leader, you can use LinkedIn to share articles and engage with professionals on a global scale.

  • Pinterest is the best way to sell products that generate revenue, but it’s like Instagram in that you have to post visually beautiful photography and imagery to stand out and generate clicks.

  • Snapchat is the platform of the next generation, making it perfect for organizations looking to appeal to a younger demographic in an informal, authentic way.

If you’re having trouble deciding which social media platform will serve your business best, or if you need help generating a solid social media strategy, get “The Mission-Driven Social Media Planner” today! This free PDF guide walks you through 3 simple steps to creating an effective social media plan for your organization (without driving you to pull your hair out!)

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