Insights to Help Grow Your Nonprofit


Top 5 Branding Trends for Nonprofits in 2021

Whether last year ended on a high or low note, we can learn from these lessons and get ahead of the trends that will set the course for our sector in 2021. We’ve compiled a list of the top trends we’re watching as we enter 2021 and hope that they help your organization thrive this year!

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5 Tips for Building Brand Authenticity

Authenticity— it can’t be bought, it’s difficult to define, and it can be hard to measure. And yet it is essential to bolstering strength within a brand. In this post we share the five qualities of truly authentic brands. Together, these qualities combine to create undeniable brand authenticity. If you implement all five of these components, you’ll become a brand that people trust, prefer, and are proud to support.

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The 5-Minute Mission Statement

Having a clear and compelling mission statement lays the foundation for your brand, but it can be really difficult to get right. Instead of wasting hours trying to come up with a lengthy statement no one will remember—or even finish reading—consider using this simple formula we’ve created to help break down your mission into its simplest and purest form.

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Please, Not Another 5K

5K runs are happening left and right these days, and they’re starting to stale. While 5Ks have done a lot of good over the years, the truth is that a race is simply not the best fundraising event for everyone. In this post, we’ll uncover the five keys to creating an unforgettable fundraising event for your organization.

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Building an Effective Brand: How to Stand Out in a World of Noise

We’ve all heard the word “branding” thrown around, but few people really understand what it takes to properly build a brand. It can take the form of a logo, tagline, or specific design style, but it is also visceral and intuitive. So with all the buzz surrounding branding, how can you build a brand that will stand out?

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How to Tell a Compelling Story

Storytelling is a major part of your brand, but it can be intimidating to craft a story that will captivate attention and inspire action. There is one simple formula you can use to focus your storytelling and motivate donors. When you put this story formula into practice, you’ll develop a strong brand story that will boost engagement and deliver concrete results. This story structure helps people to digest a complicated issue by giving them a simple and moving story to follow.

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Finding YOUR Best Social Media Platforms

A lot of organizations think they need to be present on every platform and posting all the time, but the reality is it’s not sustainable or effective. Do you know which social media platform will work best for your organization?

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