Insights to Help Grow Your Nonprofit


Can Looking Good Actually Cost Your Nonprofit Donations?

For-profit companies and startups have an obsession with perception that has led to the idea of branding as a luxury that nonprofits can’t afford, but does looking too “put-together” actually help or hinder a nonprofit’s donations?


Better Nonprofit Naming Through Brain Science

Your nonprofit’s name is the foundation of your organization’s brand. It spreads by word of mouth and social media. It’s how your nonprofit appears in online search results. Award-winning naming expert, Devon Thomas Treadwell, shares the 3 principles of brain science that will help you create a more effective name for your nonprofit.

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Breaking Out of Transactional Mindsets

When it comes to your nonprofit brand, people want to be a part of movements with groups that represent a bigger cause than themselves. If that’s the desire of most people, then why don’t more people rally behind nonprofit organizations? Simple: we’re operating in a completely different mindset.

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Does branding really matter for nonprofits?

The line is starting to blur between social impact and nonprofit sectors. People are supporting businesses that give back to the world, and they are starting to expect that kind of philanthropy from every brand they support. What if a few well-invested resources in branding could get people to care about — and pay attention to — your cause?

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